About Kayakalee

Welcome to Kayakalee, the place to start planning your outdoor adventure.


Our Adventure

Adventure and an intense passion for the great outdoors was the spark that started our business. As outdoor and nature lovers, we struggled to find survival and sports gear that fit our needs. As most good challenges do, our struggle to fill our packs with sufficient outdoor survival products gave birth to something beautiful—Kayakalee.

We opened our store and stocked it with premium outdoor products from life vest survival fishing safety gear to an outdoor water purifier filter and so much more. But beyond our product selection, we also wanted to create a store and company that puts your satisfaction at the top. That’s what we’ve done.

Deeply dedicated to building long-term relationships with our customers, we do everything in our power to give you our top survival product picks. We are so glad you found us!


Our Products

Whether you love to travel, hike, or camp you’ll find what you need at Kayakalee. Our selection includes:

  • Sports Protective Gloves
  • An Armband Case Zippered Pouch for Mobile Phone
  • Soft Sports Water Bottle
  • Life Vest Survival Safety Products
  • Solider Compass
  • Outdoor Water Purifier Filter
  • And so much more.

Our meticulously curated selection helps you escape the norm, the boredom of everyday life, and the cages you’ve built for yourself by giving you reliable outdoor gear. It’s time to get back to nature. All you need is the equipment to do it safely—we’ve got your back.

Every item in our inventory was discovered by us and proven to be reliable when we needed it the most. You can shop confidently knowing that outdoor enthusiasts just like you hand selected every item you see.


Why Shop At Kayakalee? 

At Kayakalee, we offer a wide selection of gear at the best price to support any adventure you go on. You’ll find items you didn’t even know existed and all the essentials in one stop. But best of all, customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

We strive to turn each and every person who visits our store into a raving fan. That’s why we show you how much we appreciate you at every turn! Of course, we can’t do that without your feedback, which is why we welcome your comments and suggestions whenever you have them. Drop us a line at info@kayakalee.com with all your love, suggestions, or comments—we read each and every one of them!

You owe it to yourself to go on the adventure that lights a fire in your soul. Grab the right gear and hit the trail, you’ll be glad you did.






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